Tuesday 16 December 2008

The Very Cranky Bear by: Nick Bland

The Very Cranky Bear
Nick Bland
ISBN 9780545989985

This is a great picture book for children. It is the story of four friends trying to get out from the rain and the cold. Unfortunately they take refuge in a Bear's cave. Bear is not happy that they have invaded his home. Lion, Zebra and Moose try to make bear happy by making him like them; Sheep on the other hand gives of himself.

It is a fun read and wonderfully illustrated by Australian author and illustrator Nick Bland. It has made me want to track down his other stories, and the books he has illustrated for other authors.

Books by Nick Bland:
A Monster Wrote Me a Letter (2005)
Aussie Jingle Bells (2006)
I Lost My Kisses (2007)
Donald Loves Drumming (2008)
The Very Cranky Bear (2008)
When Henry Caught Imaginitis (2008)
The Wrong Book (2009)
The Very Itchy Bear (2010)
Twinkle HB (2010)
The Runaway Hug (2011)

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