Sunday 28 December 2008

Assassins: Assignment: Jerusalem, Target: Antichrist by: Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Assassins: Assignment: Jerusalem, Target: Antichrist
Left Behind Book 6

Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Tyndale House

ISBN 084232920X

This is the last of the books in this never-ending series of books, games, spin off series and more, that I actually made it through. The writing quality dropped with every volume. In less than two decades they wrote 16 novels - over 7200 pages in the main series alone. They have eclipsed Piers Anthony's Xanth which took many decades to write.

In this series I never really agreed with the author's theological view of the end times, even though the series started off as good fiction, with entertaining books that made a reader think about the end times. Yet as the series dragged on, the writing became weaker and weaker, and for myself and many I know the authors lost the audience. I never made it through the whole series and I doubt I will ever go back and finish it. It really is a pity as there was so much potential in this series.

Everybody is out to be the one to kill the Antichrist (Nicolae) - Mac, Abdula, Chiem, Rayford. But we are left hanging about what really happens. The Trib Force team again loses members, Doc dies and Leih joins the team. Cameron travels to Israel again and sees the two witnesses resurrected and called up to heaven.

However even with all the action this was the end for me. I did not make it through any more books of the 16 in the series. The books in publication sequence are:

Left Behind
Tribulation Force
Nicolae: The Rise of the Antichrist
Soul Harvest:
The Indwelling
The Mark
The Remnant
Glorious Appearing
The Rising: The Antichrist is Born
The Regime: Evil Advances
The Rapture: In the Twinkling of an Eye
Kingdom Come

In the end it just seemed link a money-making ploy, with graphic novels, cds, teen versions, a video game and more. It is a pity this series dropped in quality so much. Jenkins went on to write an excellent trilogy - Soon, Silenced and Shadowed, that were set in a different interpretation of a future with a one world government.

(First written as Journal Reading Notes in 1999.)

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