Wednesday 17 December 2008

Pink! by Lynne Rickards and Margaret Chamberlain

What's a Penguin to think when he turns Pink?

Lynne Rickards
Margaret Chamberlain (Illustrator)

ISBN 9780545086080

This is a fantastic book about being different and being accepted. It is the story of Patrick the penguin who wakes up one day and has turned pink. He finds it hard being a pink penguin so goes in search of other pink birds, specifically flamingos in Africa, but he finds out he fits in even less there. So he returns home to Antarctica and discovers that being different is not so bad after all.

I was originally attracted by the hilarious cover of this book, and both the story and illustrations are wonderful. It is one of those fun books to read and look at. I think it would be fun to share with most children, and they will learn a lesson from it also. Pink! is an excellent read.

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