Thursday 4 December 2008

Political Commentary

I normally do not do a lot of political commentary. To be honest it is not really my thing. But The proposed Canadian Coalition Government has raised so many issues and so much debate I wanted to say a little.

First a number of people on both sides of the fence on this have made some great points. Michael Davenport at Valacosa's Thoughts has one of the most reasoned and researched pieces on the events. Blazing Cat Fur has a number of posts on the topic. Also most media outlets sites have articles with 1000's and 1000's of responses.

All I can say is it is legal, it has happened before federally and provincially and I for one am glad to see Harper not as prime minister.

Petition To Support
Petition to Oppose

Globe and Mail Reader Poll
CTV's comments on growing web reaction.
Great National Post Article.

(Hat tip to Davenport for the links.)

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