Friday 19 December 2008

When The Almond Tree Blossoms by: David Aikman

When The Almond Tree Blossoms
David Aikman

ISBN 9780849936418

Thomas Nelson

This book is Christian speculative fiction. It was very interesting because it presents a possible future in which a second civil war takes place in the United States.

It has some wonderful plot twists. Basically it is the story of one man Douglas Richfield, a member of the peoples' movement (Socialist) who becomes a constitutionalist. It is the story of his development as a person, and as a person of faith. He is awoken from rote life living as a cog in the machine, to being a man of conscience, to finally a man of character.

It has elements of being a spy story, a love story, a story of political intrigue and faith all rolled up in one neat consistent package.

It is a good read that I could honestly recommend to just about anyone.

(First written as Journal Reading Notes in 1999.)

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The author, David Aikman, has written other fiction and non-fiction books since "Almond Tree." There's lots of info on his website: