Monday 28 December 2020

Fortress of the Stone Dragon - Tracey West and Matt Loveridge - Dragon Masters Book 17

Fortress of the Stone Dragon 
Dragon Masters Book 17
Tracey West (Author)
Matt Loveridge (Illustrator)
ISBN 9781338540314
eISBN 9781338540338

Wow, we are all caught up. When we finished this volume, we went to open the next. But alas It does not come out for almost three months to the day. My youngest daughter was really struck by the cliff-hanger ending to this one. But she thinks it is perfect. If it was not a cliff-hanger in three months she might not return to the series. But because it is we have already ordered the eBook and it will deliver the day it releases. This is an excellent book in a great series. 

As a family we really, really, really love these books! A few years ago, I read the first eight books of this series to my son. My youngest daughter really enjoyed it and the three of us read them. This year my youngest has been reading them to me. And now we are all caught up. This year we found out that my nephew has been reading them and was only 1 book ahead of us. He is reading the physical books and We are reading the eBook editions. This is another great story in a wonderful series. My youngest daughter is insistent that we will read the whole series. And she has spent her reading challenge money buying all the kindle editions that are available. And when we finished this one we found out there are three more announced already. That will bring the series to 20 stories and one special edition volume, Griffith’s Guide for Dragon Masters.

This series builds book upon book. But each is written well enough that they can be read on their own. But as a series it is fantastic. We see characters come in and out of the stories. Characters change from bad to good. And we get to watch Drake and the dragon masters at Bracken and around the world work together to protect each other, their kingdoms and the whole world. But the stories really do focus around Drake, his dragon Worm. And their role in these adventures.

In this one the story the work of cleaning up all the dark magicians that were released from Maldred’s trap continues. The team gets a call from help from old friends. And are off to fight one of the most powerful wizards in the world. We meet the Stone Dragon, its master and find out it has a special power. But Astrid has learned not only how to steal Dragon’s powers but how to use them herself.

This is the second volume illustrated by Matt Loveridge. There are several illustrators across the series. The illustrations keep a consistent feel and look. But Each artist leaves their own mark on the books they work on. Some illustrations stand alone and some wrap around the text and span two-page spreads. 

This is another excellent read in a great series. These are awesome books for young readers, but also entertaining enough for older readers. I am continually impressed with the staying power of this series. After multiple reads over several years I still really enjoy returning to the Dragon Masters, as do my children. And look forward too many more reads in this series, as my daughter is insistent, she will read them all to me! And she insisted we give it 5/5 stars! And she loved the cliff-hanger ending. It is a great read in a wonderful series!

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