Thursday 24 December 2020

November Rain - Maureen Jennings - Paradise Café Book 2

November Rain
Paradise Café Book 2
Maureen Jennings
Cormorant Books Inc.
ISBN 9781770866041
eISBN 9781770866058

This is the 17th book by Jennings I have read in the last 2 years. I believe I have read all her fiction that is in print. And this is a stunning follow up to Heat Wave - Paradise Café Book 1. We are dropped back into a familiar Toronto, not terribly long after the William Murdoch books, or TV Series. This time Charlotte Frayne finds herself in the middle of a few cases. And struggling to keep up with her dad, and some growing conflict at the Paradise. Charlotte is still working as a PI at the T. Gilmore and Associates. But as Mr. Gilmore has been away on a long absence, and she is the only associate it is all falling to her. 

She is hired for what appears at first to be two very different cases. She must manage First she is investigating the suicide or apparent suicide of a veteran of the great war. She has also been asked to work at a garment factory and determine if someone is trying to start a union there. And her second day there the foreman is murdered, and all this is missing is a few dollars. Fortunately, she is friends with most of the police force, and soon her friend Jack Murdoch is on the case.

The story takes place over a few days during a very rainy November in 1936. The pace is fast. And the mysteries intense and much in need of unraveling. And Charlotte is in the thick of it, working her cases, and assisting the police. 

When I wrote my review of book 1, I stated: “that there was going to be something different about this series, the other three series are all named after the main character, Detective Murdoch Series, Detective Inspector Tom Tyler Series, Christine Morris Series. And yet this series is named after a location, the paradise café. And boy was I right! It was a highly addictive read, like most of Jennings other works!” that sentiment persists. This is a great read in a fledgling series. And one that we can only hope will have many more volumes to come. 

A great crime mystery that I highly recommend. 

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