Wednesday 2 December 2020

All Manner Of Thing Poems 2013-2019 - Niall Gooch

All Manner Of Thing
Poems 2013-2019

I am by no means a poetry critic. In fact, it has been a few years since I have picked up anything but a few favorite volumes. I do enjoy the form and do not hesitate to pick it up from time to time. Niall’s about me on his site states that he is: “an amateur poet and writer of unfinished novels.” I would state after reading this volume of poetry through twice that he can strike out the amateur. And hopefully he will finish some of those novels for us to pursue.

I have found that I appreciate poetry, though by no means critique it literarily. With my dual for of dyslexia I always struggled with English academically. In the early grades they never bothered teaching me, and by later grades it was so difficult because I did not know the basics. But I love to read and have since I learned how to. And when It comes to poetry, I know what I like and what elicits a response intellectually, spiritually, or viscerally. And this volume did stir responses.

The poems in the volume are:

Secret London 
On Putting Him To Bed 
The Thing Itself 
Sensus fidei 
Pro defunctis 
English College (1) 
English College (2) 
When He Was Still Far Off 
The Club 
A Way Of Death 
Some Facts I Didn’t Know 
The O Antiphons Haiku 
Shrove Tuesday 
Pilgrim's Way  
The Unquiet 
A Loser  
An Ending

I am not typically a fan of haiku but did enjoy the one in this volume. I especially appreciated the two poems English College. The Thing Itself is particularly good. And Presence is another great one.

I was told by my grade 12 English teacher that half of what I wrote was worth publishing, and half not worth wiping his … all of the poems in this collect are worthy of having been published. And some deserve a much wider forum. 

The book is very reasonably priced. And well worth the read. I know that I will likely return to it again and again. I wish there was a print edition to leave on my bedside bookcase. And typically, I am all about the eBooks. With a print edition you could randomly open and read from time to time. A great little collection of poems, and what I hope will be the first of many works that I read of Gooch’s pen.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan!  

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