Tuesday 8 December 2020

Gus Busbi - Jim Sano - Father Tom Fitzpatrick Book 2

Gus Busbi 
Father Tom Fitzpatrick Book 2
ISBN 9781987970210

This was the second story I have read by Jim Sano. The first is in the same series, Father Tom Fitzpatrick series, and was titled The Father's Son. It was an excellent read and when I heard that there was a second volume, I was very excited to read it. Father Tom is an amazing character, and I hope we get books featuring him for years to come. I had heard great things about Jim’s first book and held off reading it. That was my loss and going forward I will be reading his works as soon as they become available. The Father Tom stories are very well written. Have excellent characters, draw you in and keep you hooked. The writing is excellent.

The Father Tom stories are contemporary fiction. They are realistic fiction. They are set in our world, in our time, and with our issues and struggles. In this story we have a few main characters. And Father Tom is an influence on most of them. Our two main characters are Gus Busbi, whom the story is named after and Jamiel Russell. The story takes place in a Boston neighbourhood. Gus Busbi is a typical grumpy old man. He has lost a lot. And is not longer really living but going through the motions. He is renting out the main part of his house to Celia a single mother and her son Jamiel. Jam is a star basketball player. But he is at a point in his life where his decisions will have a huge impact, for himself, and those who care about him. Celia moved to get out of the projects. She wants a better life for her son. He is a star on the St. Francis School team. And does well academically as well. Father Tom is the chaplain at the school and rector of the attached parish. Celia and Jamiel attend the Baptist church of Reverend Richard Obasi.

The story revolves around decisions we make, and the consequences of those actions. Jamiel is being drawn into gang activity. And he turns to Father Tom to help him out. Father Tom makes him repay the debt by helping Gus around the house. And something unexpected happens. 

This is one of the best contemporary stories I have read in a few years. There is not as much philosophy, theology, and depth of conversation as the first volume. But in some ways, it deals with even heavier matters. The story is deeply moving. And the story will make you think. You will find yourself reflecting on your own life, area’s you need to work on, area’s you need to improve. And maybe even some old things you need to let go. The beginning of the description of the book muses:

“What can a black teen from the gang-controlled South End projects of Boston and a seventy-year-old curmudgeonly Italian man, who has given up on life, have in common?”

And the answer as might surprise you is, a lot more than you might imagine. But to fund out what you will need to read the book. It is an excellent read and I highly recommend it. But I will warn you, it is a novel that will leave an impact. It is not fluff just to pass the time. However, it is well worth it! A great read in what I hope will be a long series.  

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan

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