Monday 7 December 2020

The Violet Mouse - Cedar Sanderson

The Violet Mouse
Sanderley Studios

This was the second stand alone work of Sanderson’s that I have read. I would classify it as a published short story or very short novella. But does it ever leave you wanting more. My introduction to the works of Cedar in Cracked: An Anthology of Eggsellent Chicken Stories, and after reading her piece there knew I had to track down and read something else from her pen. The first stand alone piece was The Groundskeeper: Raking Up the Dead. Which I loved. And there were a few others that really grabbed my interest. And I have been randomly buying them and giving them a read. I highly recommend this one, but warn you like everything else I have read by Sanderson it will leaving you wanting more. More stories that continue from this one, and just more stories from her pen.

This one was an excellent read. A bit of a Flatliners or Hulk back story feel to it. The description of the volume is:

“Trust me.
There are things in the lab no-one ever talks about.
Risk everything.
How far would you go to save a friend's last hope?

Three friends, one fateful conversation. You can’t let your closest friends do something drastic, not if you can help it. When one of you has a a brilliant mind, another is a skeptic, and the last one is willing to be a guinea pig… should you stop them?

A short story.”

What would you do if you had a progressive disease? No real hope. Things are getting worse. And you work in a lab and a co-worker has just come up with something revolutionary? That is part of the dilemma in this story. The other part is someone else from the lab finding out and agreeing to help. How far would you go for a chance, for a friend. Would you be willing to risk it all on a toss of the dice? But to find out you will need to read the story.

Be warned you might not like the ending. And will likely desperately want to know what happens to the three next. The ends of this volume has an excerpt of Lab Gremlins and a very humorous biography. I did not read the excerpt but am debating and it will likely be my next Sanderson read. A great little story that I highly recommend.

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