Thursday 16 July 2020

Camino Island - John Grisham - Camino Island Book 1

Camino Island
Camino Island Book 1
John Grisham
Dell Bantam
Random House Publishing Group
ISBN 9781524797140
eISBN 9780385543057

I read several of Grisham’s early novels. But the last of his offerings I read was 19 years ago when I read Skipping Christmas. His writings just sort of fell off my radar as I pursued new authors and genres. This book was mentioned by a director at work recently, so I picked it up and read it in three sittings over a weekend. It was a very good read. As a confirmed bibliophile, and former collector of first editions and signed volumes the book was fascinating on many levels. I have many friends who are authors and as a book blogger who published my first review over 15 years ago the book was very entertaining ad often amusing.

The story has a number of threads that merge together in a surprising way. The first is a gang of thieves who steal 5 original manuscripts from a Princeton University Library. The second is Bruce Cable a book shop owner and book collector who live and works on Camino Island. The third is Mercer Mann a young novelist who had a great first offering but has yet to write her second novel. She is recruited by the insurer of the manuscripts to go back to Camino Island and try and befriend Bruce and sort of spy on him.

Having been friends with several bookstore owners, both for new and used books. I can state I have yet to meet one like Bruce Cable. Bruce lives in an open marriage. Both he and his wife live the writer’s scene and entertaining. But he has also dabbled in the shadowy side of rare volumes.

I have known a few serious collectors over the years, and most of them would have taken a shady deal to get their hands on something they really wanted or desired. And when the story was recommended my director stated, “Didn't know the life of a book store owner could be so adventurous!” and I would agree. I doubt I would have picked up this or even another Grisham novel if not for the friends suggestion. But I am thankful for their sharing about this book, and my responding to it.

The story was great to read on a summer weekend. And I have already picked up the next volume Camino Winds. There are some authors I tried to return to after long breaks and just could not get back into the author or their books. That was not the case. In reading this it was like visiting with an old friend. Grisham does a masterful job of the crime thriller genre ad I will likely be adding some of his works from the last few years into the mix over the next few months. A very good read in what is shaping up to be an excellent series for book lovers, or just fans of the crime literature genre.

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