Wednesday 22 July 2020

The Mission of Joan of Arc Issue 1 - Philip Kosloski, Alexandre Nascimento and Jesse Hansen

The Mission of Joan of Arc
Issue 1
Philip Kosloski
Alexandre Nascimento (Illustrator)
Jesse Hansen (Illustrator)
Voyage Comics & Publishing
ISBN 9780578578606

Over the years I have read a lot about the maid of Orléans. At one of the church collages at the university I attended there was an entire course offered as both Religious Studies and English Literature on books about Joan of Arc. Unfortunately, the course never fir my schedule, but I did get the syllabus from the professor one year and read through much of it. So the story hand how Kosloski and crew would handle it was of much interest to me. I have been very impressed with Kosloski’s nonfiction works, and have been enjoying the stories he is bringing to life through the comic book format. I will admit I am not much of a comic book or even that much of a graphic novel guy. I have a few authors who have done cross overs that I have enjoyed. And a few stories I have followed. I know I will pick up the other offerings in this story line as they come available.

This first installment in the story follows Joan from a young age as a simple peasant girl. Through her calling by the Archangel Michael, to the battle to reclaim Orleans. The story is well told. But the artwork is more hit or miss for me. Some of the artwork I love. And some just does not work for me. The frames with oversized mouths and teeth are in a style that does not appeal to me. But some of the other pages and frames are stunning. The overall story is well executed between the text, the lettering and the artwork.

A good beginning in what looks like it will be a fun comic book run. Looking forward to the next installment.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan!

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