Friday 17 July 2020

The Case of the Haunted Chapel - Karen Kelly Boyce and Sue Anderson Gioulis - Sisters of the Last Straw Book 1

The Case of the Haunted Chapel
Sisters of the Last Straw Book 1
Karen Kelly Boyce
Sue Anderson Gioulis (Illustrator)
TAN Books
eISBN 9781505111859

Late last year I read the fifth book in this series, The Case of the Christmas Tree Capers, a Christmas story. I enjoyed it and appreciated the concept. I stated that it reminded me of Tales of a Magic Monastery by Theophane the Monk. And that sense is even stronger after reading the first volume. It is a cute read, and I have picked up the rest of the books in the series. I am prereading them, and then reading them with my youngest two children. A fun story in a fun and entertaining series.

In this volume we find out how the Sisters of the Last Straw were formed, and from whence they got their name. We meet a grouchy neighbour, a family in need, and a kindly priest. 

The sisters in this story are fun, and the tale is often funny.

Sister Krumbles
Sister Shiny
Sister Lovely
Sister Lacey
Mother Mercy

The black and white illustrations by Sue Anderson Gioulis add to the story. The book teaches us about human nature, about living the gospel, and about trusting God. It also teaches us about the different strengths and weakness in different characters, and how to live in community. The nuns seem to end up in a lot of pickles. And from the chapter titles you always have a preview of what is about to happen next:

In a Big Jam 
Goats on the Run 
Sheer Genius 
Up In Smoke 
Strange Visitors 
Secret Passages 
Hidden Housemates 
Continuing Capers

They lessons they learn, and the work they do can serve as examples to us, especially living in larger families. There are great lessons for the young readers the series is written for, and also for us older folks who might read it with or to them. It is a fun story in an entertaining series. And we look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews 2020 Catholic Reading Plan!

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