Wednesday 8 July 2020

Bat and the End of Everything - Elana K. Arnold and Charles Santoso - Bat Book 3

Bat and the End of Everything
A Boy Called Bat Book 3
Elana K. Arnold
Charles Santoso (Illustrator)
Walden Pond Press an imprint of
Harper Collins
eISBN 9780062798466

Last year my youngest child came home from school raving about the first book in this series, A Boy Called Bat. They had read it in the last week of school in grade 3, and it was an instant favorite. When she found out it was the first of a series, she was ecstatic, and wanted us to add it to our summer reading list. Last year we read book 1 and this year we read books 2 and 3 back to back together. These are very moving and powerful stories. And it was wonderful having my youngest read me the books, especially this third volume. 

In the first volume Bat’s mom helped save a Skunk Kit, and Bat has been helping to raise and feed him until he is ready to be released. In the second volume Bat is struggling with knowing that at some point he will need to release Thor the skunk. There were big changes to Bat’s schedule and habits. And Bat does not always do well with changes. In this third volume Bat is stressing a lot. He is stressing about the release of Thor at the end of summer. He is stressing about Israel his best friend being away for most of the summer. And he is stressing about Babycakes, the class rabbit, who has gone home with Jenny. But while Bat is stressing and worrying about Thor, his friends and family are becoming more concerned about and for him. And the story culminates in a Family meeting, where even his Father is there, and his best friend Israel. And Bat is in for a huge surprise. 

But to find out what that surprise is you will need to read the book. 

Our Ratings:
9 year old – 5/5 Stars
12 year old 5/5 Stars
50 year old 5/5 Stars

9 Year Old’s Own Words:
“The third Bat book was very touching and moving to me. I was happy with how his family and friends surrounded him and supported him. It is an awesome book and I give it 5 golden stars.”

12 year old:
“I really liked this book. It was very good read. I really appreciate the Bat stories.”

The illustrations in this volume are wonderful. It is a great early chapter book for young readers. The story is powerful enough to move almost any reader. And the characters are very well written and fleshed out. Our only regret is this is the last of the adventures of Bat and Thor. We absolutely loved this book and the whole trilogy! They are amazing reads. To be honest as we read the last few pages of this book, both my youngest daughter and I had a few tears. 

Note: When I reviewed the first two there were corresponding German editions translated by Sylke Hachmeister and illustrated by Maja Bohn, book 3 does not appear to be available yet.

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