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North American Martyrs Kids Activity Book - Bonnie Way and Katherine Babcock

North American Martyrs Kids Activity Book
Saints 4 Kids Volume 1
Bonnie Way
Katherine Babcock (Illustrator)
The Koala Mom
ISBN 9781999099701
eISBN 9781999099718


There are many great things about this book. But right off the top one of the best is that the pages are reproducible. Meaning you can copy them, and especially if you have more than 1 child that is a blessing. This book is 136 pages of information, activities, and fun. The sections in the book are:

St. Jean de Brebeuf
St. Gabriel Lalemant
St. Isaac Jogues
St. Rene Goupil
St. Jean de Lalande
St. Antoine Daniel
St. Noel Chabanel
St. Charles Garnier
Friends of the Martyrs
Appendix 1: Answer Keys
Appendix 2: Further Reading

That is really great is that for each of the eight saints presented we have multiple pages on each saint. The chapters on a saint contains some of the following (see examples of some below):

A full-page biography.
A full page to color.
A Questions section where we can learn from the saint.
A prayer poster.
A section to make a list of what you are praying for.
A Section on the Martyr’s legacy.
A selection of quotes from the saint.
A Section on being like the saint.
And activities.
     Word Search
     Make your own notes about the saint.
     Translated from Ancient Greek
     Making Bookmarks
     Word Scrambles
     Fill in the spaces

And some wonderful prayers throughout the book. I particularly enjoyed the Litany to the North American martyrs and have added it to my daily prayers. This is an excellent resource for children, and at almost 50 I really enjoyed going through the book. I have shared it with my children and plan to get a few copies for teachers in my children’s school.

A fantastic resource for the family. And I would love to see what Bonnie does if she comes out with future activity books on other saints.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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