Saturday 30 November 2019

The Advent of Christmas - Matt Maher and Mercè Tous

The Advent of Christmas
Matt Maher
Mercè Tous (Illustrator)
ISBN 9781635820515

My children and I have been big fans of Matt Maher’s music for years now. My youngest goes to sleep every night with ‘Lord I Need You’ Playing on repeat. And my son goes to bed with the Advent of Christmas album playing. And both are currently learning to plan songs from the album either on piano or ukulele. Their eyes popped when they saw this book sitting on the kitchen table when they came in from school. They were so excited. They could not wait to read it. So I read it to them whole they had a snack, and then my youngest read it to me.

This book was an instant family favorite. In fact, there was some debate over ownership as the boy wanted to keep it in his room, and the girls wanted to keep it in theirs. For now, it sits on the bookshelf in the living room. But I will likely pick up some more copies, one to donate to our school library and one so they can each have it in their rooms.

This book is wonderfully done. The illustrations by Mercè Tous are excellent. The pictures are stunning. Some are full two pages spreads with text over the artwork. Others are one page with a facing page of text. A few of them would make wonderful posters or prints for the children’s room. I particularly like the ones of the nativity and ancient scenes. My youngest loves the modern ones, the families, the crowds, and the holiday decorations.

The story goes back and forth, between a family celebrating advent now, and the first advent scenes. I was expecting something more lyrical from Matt Maher. But maybe it is much better that it does not read as a song put into a book.

This is a wonderful book that will be treasured by our family, and I am certain yours for years and years to come. A wonderful addition to our advent traditions.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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