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Ella's Promise - Ellen Gable - Great War Great Love Book 3

Ella's Promise
Great War Great Love #3
Ellen Gable
Full Quiver Publishing

ISBN 9781987970050

I have read all three books in this series. I know I am not the intended audience. But I absolutely loved this book and the whole series. They are Christian Historical Romance, but there is so much of the historical that I read it, and was captivated by the history, the way story, and the relationship though a centerpiece was so well written I could not put the book down. Over the last several years I have read a number of non-fiction books about Military Chaplains, and this book is not about a chaplain but about the same times and circumstances. All three in this series are excellent reads. When I heard that this book was forthcoming, it was immediately added to my to be read list. And it did not disappoint, in fact it might be the best in the series. 

In my review of the first book in this series I stated: “I must admit as a middle-aged man this book would not be my normal reading. I do read a lot of YA, but hardly any romance. And this book is really so much more than that.” I am a father of daughters. And I often read books before recommending them to my girls or before rereading them with them. I picked up the first book in this series thinking about my oldest who is now a teen. And I loved that first book so much that I eagerly anticipated books 2 and 3. I am planning on reading this book with my oldest this year and will read it again in a few years with my youngest. 

The three stories in this series have a bit of overlap, specifically in characters. But this book ties the three stories together and the ending was wonderfully written. But let’s get back to this specific story. Ella Neumann is serving the war effort, but as a nurse who had studied at surgical school, and wants to be a doctor after the war, she does not distinguish between Allie or axis soldiers if the person is in need, she wants to provide care. Even if it means defying direct orders. She is the oldest daughter of German immigrants, and she is fluent in German, and had become very passable in French. She saves the life of a German officer a POW and he promise that if he can ever do anything for her he will. She falls in love with a Canadian soldier. But that soldier has secrets and soon her feelings are in conflict. She has gone under cover behind enemy lines but refused to spy on the POW’s in her care. The Great war has complicated her life, but also opened to her new opportunities. During the closing days of the war she must risk it all to save the man she has fallen in love with, just as he has risked all on a desperate mission that might help the war to end much sooner.

But to find out how it all works out you will need to read this excellent novel. If you give this book or the whole series a try, I am certain you will not be disappointed. I have not yet read a book from Full Quiver Publishing or Ellen, that I did not really enjoy. The tag line for Full Quiver on their website is "Theology of the Body Fiction”. And I am following both the author Ellen Gable and all Full Quiver publications closely. Another great read by Ellen Gable and from FQ publishing. A great read for all ages! 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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