Wednesday 27 November 2019

Pure Resistance - Team Body Project - Alex and Daniel Bartlett

Pure Resistance
Team Body Project
Alex and Daniel Bartlett

I have now completed 8 workout plans with TBP and as of the posting of this review worked 5 and a half months straight using TBP videos. And Pure Resistance is both one of the hardest of the programs I have done and also one of my favourites. I loved most of the workouts and enjoyed hitting the weights. This program inspired me to push harder both with the weight being lifted and the intensity in the movements.

This program is 3 weeks with 5 workouts a week. The workouts range from 21 to 56 minutes in length. This is one of the older programs filmed in the UK before they moved to Australia. The workouts included resistance, circuit, and low impact. Most of the workouts are full body, but each week has 1 focused on just Upper or just Lower body. In the videos they go to the matt for several exercises but because of my knee injury I use a bench. 

As the eight program from Team body project that I have completed this year, this is most in my comfort zone. I have been doing weights off and on for more than 35 years now. I love a great weight workout. 

The gear you will need:
Dumbbells (ideally a few different weights)

The workouts are:

Week 1
Pure Resistance
PT 4 Lower Body
Resistance Burn
Ultra Resistance
Rapid Resistance

Week 2
Pure Resistance 2 Upper
Pure Resistance 2 Lower
Resistance Pyramids
Ultra Resistance 2
Rapid Resistance 2

Weeks 3
Pure Resistance 3 Upper
Pure Resistance 3 Lower
Super Compounder Special
High Rep Resistance
500 Reps (Or as I call it half a ROAR!)

I very much enjoyed this program, and expect I will circle back and do it again in a few months. It really brought back my love of resistance workouts. It took me an extra week to complete this program. My knee flared up and I did a mix of other workouts, Flow, Real Start Just Move, and Warrior Stretch while resting the knee. 

This past summer I wrote a piece called Starting Over in Southwestern Ontario! A Fitness Update! What I started with was the workout videos from team Body Project, and specifically Real Start Just Move. You can watch that video on YouTube, or even workout with it. I had been a member of Team Body Project for three years now, but only just started the videos. I am in my 50th year, and I really needed to get back at it. And the TBP plans have been a great way to do that.

Team Body Project is a website, an app and a community. And the community is part of what makes this an excellent resource for your health and fitness. The private community on Facebook and the forums on the website are very supportive and encouraging. But what really helped me is that the workouts in the Real Start program are geared for anyone. Each video has three participants. Daniel and Alex lead the videos and Natasha and Lisa. Natasha usually works out at a harder pace, and Lisa at a modified level. But even when you go beyond those programs, they always offer a less intense version. And pressing pause is encouraged if you need it. 

And as I always conclude a TBP review, do not just take my word for it check out Kylie Young’s story or the other testimonials on the site. I can say that TBP is one of the best resources for health and fitness that I have ever come across. 

This is another great program, especially for those of us who love an old school weight workout, but with a number of new twists. Thank you again, Alex and Daniel. 

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