Thursday 16 November 2017

The Mystery of the Honeymoon - Manuel Alfonseca - The Sleuths of the Spanish Transition Book 4

The Mystery of the Honeymoon
The Sleuths of the Spanish Transition Book 4
Manuel Alfonseca


So far this year I have read five books by Manuel Alfonseca, and of those five four are from this series. I have greatly enjoyed these books and look forward to reading many more books by Manuel in the years to come. This specific series The Sleuths of the Spanish Transition has been wonderful to read. And this fourth volume just recently became available in English. I have really enjoyed this series, and was hoping there would be more books. The good news is there is a fifth book coming. The bad news is that is the planned end of the series.

This book is set several years after the first book in the series. Gonzalo has finished his studies. And as can be guessed by the title this mystery takes place during his and Vicky's honey moon. It seems that mysteries keep finding them. In this case as they are leaving for Paris on their honeymoon they are approached by Inspector Gutierrez, and he asks them the favour of delivering a package to an Inspector Lemoine. Gutierrez is pressed for time on a case and cannot wait for normal post, and does not trust a standard messenger. But he does trust the young couple who have helped solve some cases with him in the past.

From the moment they accept the little package things change. From someone trying to slip into their birth on the train, and an attempted purse snatching as they arrive at their hotel, to their new hotel room being ransacked while they are both out. They meet a rich British benefactor who appears to be helping them. They hear rumours about a master criminal. And all the while they find themselves deeper and deeper in the case and less on a honeymoon away together.

In this case both Gonzalo and Vicky need to use all their skills. Each of them have second languages and needs to carry on some of their conversations while traveling. Both must use all their reasoning to piece together the clues, especially once they are separated. They need to solve the mystery before they become either the next victims or take the blame for the crimes. 

This was another really fun read. And I eagerly anticipate book 5. This book is available in English and is translated by the author himself. I still wish and hope that the series will be extended beyond the current 5 planned and penned volumes. They are great clean fun mysteries to read! 

I continue to stand by my statement that if you are a fan of Coelho, Marquez or Saramago you owe it to yourself to give this author a try! And if you are not fans of those three buy love a great adventure or mystery novel, give this series a go, they are great reads and I am sure you will not be disappointed! I must state clearly that I highly recommend this whole series, and specifically this book.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

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