Saturday 4 November 2017

Harley Quinn: Wild Card - Liz Marsham and Patrick Spaziante - DC Backstories

Harley Quinn: Wild Card
DC Backstories
Liz Marsham
Patrick Spaziante (Illustrator)
ISBN 9781338030716

I came across this book while at the bookstore looking for a different title as a Christmas present for my daughters. But as soon as I saw this one I picked it up, flipped it over and read the back. I was hooked. I did not even bother opening but immediately bought the eBook version. I read it in one setting after getting my kids down to bed, and bought 2 more in the series. I even reached out to the publisher to verify I had a full list of books available in the series.

This book and the other two I have checked out have a similar format. A forward written by the subject of the profile. Then a section of Friends, Foes, and Family brief profiles of a number of characters. A time line of the character and then a number of chapters, followed by a section of Fun Facts, a Glossary and a very extensive index. Interspersed throughout the chapters are a number of full page illustrations, clippings or news reports and profile boxes. The profiles are of people, places or events. These profile pages would make an amazing set of collector cards. But the difference with this book and the others I have checked out is that this one has hand written annotations by Harley throughout the book. 

I must admit Harley was one of my favourite characters in the DC universe, or at least my favourite villain. But there was a lot of information in this book that I was not aware of. There are some great facts, and it is an easy read. It looks like it will be an awesome series.

I have already started reading this with my oldest daughter and my youngest wants me to read it to her as well. One of the things I appreciate about this book is it stays close to the traditional story lines. As opposed to the Super Hero High where Harley is a hero. The illustrations are wonderful and really add to the book.

An excellent read in what looks to be an amazing series.

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