Wednesday 1 November 2017

Product Review - Personal Humidifiers Cool Mist Oil Diffuser from hysure

Baby Humidifier, Personal Humidifiers Cool Mist Oil Diffuser

We currently have 4 diffusers in the house, I have tried 3 other models and given a few away as gifts to family. I really had high expectations for this diffuser then it arrived. This product is marketed as both a humidifier and a diffuser. I have no way of testing but comparing it to other models and brands we have tried I am not sure how the claim it is a humidifier, especially for babies. Comparing the amount of water it consumes over time it seems on part with the other models and brans I have tried that do not make that claim.

Cover over water basin less likely to spill by bumping
Study base with good clearance for intake fan
Intermittent mode, 2 minutes on 30 seconds off
Auto shuts off when water gone

It is either On, Intermittent or Off
No Option to set for set length of time
Only auto shutoff is when water is gone
Twist lock lid
Lack of any kind of lighting feature

This diffuser does the job. It has a much narrower opening than many of the models I have tried. It works at about the same pace. I really struggled with the twist lock lid. Every time I took it off or put it on it took multiple attempts. And when checking was always worried about it tipping and any water left getting in the intake manifold.

Of the seven different diffusers I have tried I would put this in the middle of the pack. Which based on its price point is where I would expect it. My biggest complaint is the difficult getting the cover on or off. But I love the internal cover on the water basin, that is a brilliant design feature. This is a good product for the price, and I would be willing to give other diffusers from Hysure a try

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