Saturday 25 November 2017

Today ... 2017-11-25

Today ... 2017-11-25

Today was a great day! My son was present with his orange belt at Karate. My oldest daughter tested for her orange belt. And I prepped for my upcoming test. It was my second class back after missing more tan two months between being sick, and some project work. 

Then this afternoon and evening we had an amazing visit with family. We ended up going out for Chinese food at Tien Lee's in Elmira. and then just hanging out and chatting. There were 5 kids from ages 6-14 and 6 adults. It was a blast.

And I just got off a long phone call with my aunt, and godmother. We chatted for a while and it was wonderful to catch up. 

And have been diffusing some amazing blends from doTerra all day.  

Some daily reflections from Wellspring Publishing formerly Beacon Publishing for Dynamic Catholic that I have saved recently. 

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