Monday 20 November 2017

Motherhood isn't for Sissies

Motherhood isn't for Sissies

My wife wrote this earlier today. I share it here with her permission. 

"A friend said to me recently that Motherhood isn't for Sissies. Man, was she right. Motherhood is taking your child to a specialist appointment out of town at a terrible time of day, only to get news you don't want to hear. Motherhood is hiding your tears so that your child doesn't also get upset. Motherhood is driving home again in heavy traffic while your child throws up in the back. Motherhood is trying to tell your child that the paper bag they just threw up into is going to burst all over them. Motherhood is trying to get your soiled child out of their pants and into another seat while driving down a busy highway (o.k. traffic was basically stopped, but still). Motherhood is getting your sweater off so that your pantless child behind you can stay warm while you drive home with the windows down in 6 degree weather. Motherhood is not getting upset at having to clean the soiled car so that your child will not feel worse than they already do. Motherhood is summoning the ability to be interested in your other children when your brain just wants to shut down for a few minutes. Motherhood is beautiful, difficult, rewarding, exhausting and it is not for Sissies."

2017-11-22 An Update from Andrea now that we have been able to let family and some close friends know.

"To add to my post from the other night: Motherhood is abut sharing your struggles so you can get the support that you need!! I want to thank everyone for their unbelievable support, encouragement and prayers. Just to give you all a little more information: Liam has a significant case of Scoliosis. We knew he had a curve, but it was a bit of a shock to see the X-rays. The next step is an MRI to see if there are tumours along his spine causing the curve (these would be from the condition he was born with, Neurofibromatosis). When those results come in they will be able to determine the next steps. We are believing with all of you for protection and healing of our sweet little boy."

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Theresa Linden said...

This is so true. It's a total dying to self for the needs of another, sometimes bearing the impossible, and helping a child to bear the impossible too.