Monday 31 August 2015

The Three Most Wanted - Corinna Turner - I Am Margaret Book 2

The Three Most Wanted
I Am Margaret Book 2
Corinna Turner
UnSeen Books an Imprint of
Zephyr Publishing, UK

Chesterton Press, US Edition
eISBN: 9781910806081
ISBN: 9781910806098

These books are so good it took every ounce of self-control to not pick up book 2 until after writing my review of book 1 - I Am Margaret. It was worth the wait. This book continues immediately after book one. The story in some ways has a very different pace than book one. But it is a very tight story. A story about resistance, about friendship, betrayal, faith and a journey of 2000 kilometers and above all hope. 

At the end of book 1 Bane has freed Margo and Jon and the other ReAssigness from the EuroGov facility. Now they are all on the run. They must cross the continent because their survival depends on it. And now they are the Three most wanted. The three are pretending to be new adults backpacking across the country. Being careful of who notices them, and how much they interact with others. But life trekking across the wilderness can end up being harder than expected. Especially with Margo recovering from the start of her collection. Jon being blind and hiking across the country and with needing to be extra cautious at every turn. 

The three friends encounter a wolf pack, up close and personal, a bear and experience betrayal more than once. Their journey seems to get harder at every turn. All of this while trying to make it to the Vatican free state.

Amazing story! Excellent writing. Some incredible characters who lay it all on the line. I cannot wait for book three to be available in North America and will be following Book 4's release in the UK. Great books give them a try.

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Author profile and interview with Corinna Turner.

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I Am Margaret
The Three Most Wanted


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