Wednesday 2 September 2015

99 Perseverance Success Stories - Michal Stawicki and Jeannie Ingraham -Encouragement for Success in Every Walk of Life

99 Perseverance Success Stories: 
Encouragement for Success in Every Walk of Life
Michal Stawicki and
Jeannie Ingraham

This is the 6th book that I have read by Michal Stawicki this year. Each of them was well worth the cost of the book and the time spent. But this one might be the best yet. This is an amazing collection of stories. As you read some you may be familiar with, some may be new to you and some you might never encounter anywhere else. Stawicki and Ingraham have compiled a collection spanning the ages and from around the world. 

I have read through this collection twice now and know that from time to time I will pick it up and randomly pick a story for encouragement and motivation. I have recommended this book to a few friends who have already read it and love it. There is something for everyone and everyone can take something from almost all of the stories. 

Give this book a chance and the stories will surprise, encourage, motivate and challenge you to write your own success story. 

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99 Perseverance Success Stories: Encouragement for Success in Every Walk of Life
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Author Profile and Interview with Michal Stawicki

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