Saturday 19 September 2015

Brightest Orange Juice

Brightest Orange Juice

Mostly orange stuff. Good taste.!

5 Carrots
1 Sweet Potato
2 Tomatoes
Large piece of Ginger
1 Lemon pealed
1 Lime pealed
1/4 Pineapple

Wash all and juice. Nice flavor will be a regular for me! But the taste is very subtle. I have done variations with adding sea salt and pepper or turmeric provide some nice variations.

I will continue to post new recipes from time to time on Saturday as I experiment with Smoothie and Juice recipes. And I collect mine and favourites from around the web you can find them shared here in a OneNote notebook, there are subsections for Juices, Smoothies, Gluten Free Options and Other. 

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ethreepeeoh said...

Yum! I bet this is delicious. There's a local juicery here called Southern Sqweeze and they have a seasonal juice somewhat like this. Carrot, Orange, Yam, Apple, Lemon, and Cinnamon.. My favorite juice is Carrot Orange... and anything with Carrot and Orange as a base! lol -ET