Saturday 14 August 2010

Invasion of the IQ Snatchers - Arthur Slade - Canadian Chills #3

Invasion of the IQ Snatchers
Canadian Chills #3

Arthur Slade

Coteau Books

ISBN 9781550503616

Arthur Slade is one of my favorite contemporary Canadian authors. His biography states that he is a best-known and respected children's author. His books may have been written and published for a younger audience but they are written so well they can be enjoyed by readers of any age. This third book in the Canadian Chills series is a shining example of such a book.

Nanaimo is under attack, and it is up to Gordon Whillickers and Sophia Morrison and Gordon's extremely intelligent parrot Archie, to do something about it. It all begins when Gordon has a plate of Nanaimo bars stolen from his desk by a very hairy assailant. Soon Gordon and Sophie realize the whole town is being turned into mindless zombies watching TV from the 70s and eating tasty bars.

With a mix of robot ants, robot bees, aliens and even a Big Foot this story has something for everyone. Slade does an amazing job of writing a funny, frightening and fantastic book. Kids will love it and parents will enjoy reading along (or maybe even just reading it themselves). This is a third book in a series and it left me desperately wishing I had all three to read.

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