Thursday 12 August 2010

Wolverine - Old Man Logan - Mark Millar and Steve McNiven

Wolverine - Old Man Logan
Mark Millar (Author)

Steve McNiven (Illustrator)

Marvel Comics

ISBN 9780785131595

I have a new-found enjoyment in graphic novels. I had not read comics in twenty years, and now find myself sampling different genres and styles of comics. This book is a compilation of a special series of comics. X-man comics and cartoons came out after I had stopped reading or watching them. I liked the X-Men movies and loved Wolverine. This story is set in a dystopian future, where the criminals have taken over the world. Most of the super heroes were massacred in a single night. Wolverine survived but was so traumatized by the events that he vowed never to unleash his claws again. The states have been split up into four separate kingdoms run like fiefdoms of old. Wolverine now just goes by the name Logan and is a simple farmer, with a wife and children. But the Hulk clan is threatening their lives because they cannot pay rent. Logan goes on a road trip across the continent for the pay because he needs the rent money, but still swears he will not fight.

What I loved about this book was the change in Logan/Wolverine; he is man tormented by his past, by his mistakes, and he is trying to change his life. It is the story of facing your own personal demons and deciding either to give up, or move on. It is a redemptive story. It is very well written and illustrated. It is a powerful story. I enjoyed it immensely.

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