Tuesday 3 August 2010

Hello, Vicar! - Fred Secombe

Hello, Vicar!

Fred Secombe

Fount an imprint of

Harper Collins
ISBN 9780006278535

Also in
Chronicles of a Vicar
ISBN 9780006281351

Fred and Eleanor have been married three months. Fred is the newly-appointed Vicar
of Pontywen. Fred believes that becoming the Vicar, will make life a little easier. That is not the case. The follies and foibles of Fred's term as a Curate continue and now he must manage his own Curates. Eleanor becomes known as The Vicar's wife and Fred as the Doctor's husband. And Life in Pontywen is as humourous as ever. This is a hilarious book and is worth picking up, either as the single volume or as the 3-in-one collection along with A Comedy of Clerical Errors and The Crowning Glory.

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