Thursday 5 August 2010

Stress Family Robinson - Adrian Plass

Stress Family Robinson
Adrian Plass
Harper Collins
ISBN 9780551029446

The Robinsons are supposed to be a normal Christian family - mom, dad, two teenage boys and the youngest, a girl. But they soon have a friend of the family staying with them and the perfect Christian family may not be so perfect. Elizabeth Reynolds, 'Dip' to her friends, comes to stay with them. Mike Robinson is the patriarch, Kathy is really the boss and is the matriarch. Jack is the oldest, Mike Jr. is next and Felicity is the youngest. This is a look at a life inside a Christian family, an honest look at people who struggle in life and in their faith. It is presented with a keen perceptive and a generous dose of humor.

(As a note there is now a second and third volumes in this series.)

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