Sunday 29 August 2010

Miss Fortune - Poison Apple Book 3 - Brandi Dougherty

Miss Fortune
Brandi Dougherty
Poison Apple Book 3
An Imprint of Scholastic

ISBN 9780545202664

This third book in the new series, Poison Apple Books from Scholastic, is darker and a little more sinister than the first two offerings. These books are geared for readers who enjoyed the softer and gentler Candy Apple Books but are looking to read something with a little more edge. They are not as dark as what their older siblings or parents might be reading. Brandi Dougherty winds a wonderful tale of friendship and mayhem as Young Zoe is cursed by a fortune teller at a carnival and her whole life starts turning upside-down.

Zoe goes to the fair with her friends as a group one evening. Everything seems to be going perfectly; the boy she likes has asked for her number and won her a giant bear. But while leaving the fair they notice a fortune teller and Mia and Zoe have their fortunes told. Mia's is nice and encouraging but Zoe's is dark and scary. But that just seems to be the beginning of her problems. Soon she is accident prone, her cell phone and computer both seem possessed and things keep getting worse. She soon realizes she is under a curse, and she and Mia must find a way to break the curse.

This story is very engaging - almost addictive. The reader finds himself wondering what can go wrong next, and can Zoe and Mia find a way not only to lift the curse but to make things right for those affected by the blowback from the curse. It is well written, and the characters so well written, we can only hope to encounter Mia and Zoe again in a future book in the series.

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