Tuesday 31 August 2010

Burnout - Rebecca Donner , Inaki Miranda and Eva de la Cruz

Rebecca Donner (Author)

Inaki Miranda (Illustrator)
Eva de la Cruz (Inker)

Minx a abandoned division of

DC Comics

ISBN 9781401215378

This book is a story about abusive relationship, love, environmentalism and learning who you are and who you are willing to be. It is a coming of age story written as a graphic novel set in the Pacific Northwest. Danni and her mother moved to a small logging town after her father disappeared. They are getting by but her mother wants more. Soon they move in with her mother's boyfriend, who turns out to be an alcoholic. Her soon-to-be step brother is an angry young man named Haskell, who she has been crushing on in school. Danni is confused and feels alone. But she soon discovers that Haskell has a secret - he is an eco-terrorist and Danni soon finds herself helping him, but she must learn how far she is willing to go.

The story delves into dealing with the issues of growing up, mixed families and learning who you want to be. The MINX graphic novels all have female-centric leads. The stories deal with young women learning to believe in themselves and to stand up for themselves. They are great stories and this is an awesome one.

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