Thursday 29 July 2010

You Are Special - Max Lucado and Sergio Martinez

You Are Special
Max Lucado (Author)

Sergio Martinez (Illustrator)

Crossway Books
ISBN 9780891079316

This is another story about Punchinello who is a Wemmick, a wooden person in a village of wooden people. They were all made by Eli, the creator who lives in the worskshop on the hill outside of town. Each Wemmick is different and unique. But the Wemmicks went around every day and put stickers on each other; the beautiful people got golden stars and the rough and chipped people got grey dots. Those who got stars felt better and good about themselves and those who got dots felt sad. Some people had a mix, but poor Punchinello only ever got dots. He soon began to believe he was not a good person because he only ever got grey dots. Then he meets Lucia and she has no dots or stars and they do not stick to her. He asks her why she is different and she says it is because she visits Eli, so he goes to see him. Soon he realizes that he matters because he was made by a creator who loves him. Great illustrations and story for young people of all ages.

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