Tuesday 20 July 2010

Copper - Kazu Kibuishi

Kazu Kibuishi
Graphix an imprint of
ISBN 9780545098939

This is the definitive collection of the webcomic Cooper by Kazu Kibuishi, creator of the amazing Amulet series of Graphic novels. This volume enclosed the archive of the webcomic, a few new comics, a special introduction by the artist on how the series came about, and a step by step guide to how Kazu creates a cooper comic.

Cooper is the story of a dog and his boy, just trying to make their way in the world and find their place. Cooper is curious, creative and adventurous, and Fred his dog is fearful and disillusioned. The stories grew out of some of the darkest days in Kazu's life, and yet the comics always seem to end on a note of hope and expectation.

The artwork is amazing. To me it reads like Calvin and Hobbs - a little older, more mature and more productive and helpful. The variety of layouts and designs is stunning. From single-page story lines to multipage pieces it is visually stunning, with a wide variety of pallets and feel, yet always remaining true to a form and style. This will be a book I go back to again and again, sometimes just for fun, sometimes, when life gets difficult, to remind me to hope and try again. It is inspiring, and I am terribly glad I read it.

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Nikki in Niagara said...

I go against the tide with this one. I seem to be the only one who just didn't get. Love the art though. Think I'll stick with his Amulet books.