Saturday 3 July 2010

A Curate For All Seasons - Fred Secombe

A Curate For All Seasons
Fred Secombe
Fount on imprint of

Harper Collins
ISBN 97800006276845

Also in
Chronicles of a Curate

ISBN 9780006280532

This second book in the Chronicles of the Curate series is just as funny as the first. As Fred settles into his role and responsibility as a Curate he seems to make fewer mistakes, and has fewer faux pas and yet life in the ministry remains just as humorous. Now engaged to Eleanor Davies, a young Doctor, this
young clergy has a very different life from the single curate that arrived in town. He founds his first Gilbert and Sullivan Society in the church, even while managing the affairs of the parish, with a quirky, twitchy assistant curate and a boring lay preacher. Life in Pontywen is never easy or simple, and Fred's life and adventures in the ministry make for good clean fun. Laugh-out-loud funny, this book is worth picking up, either as the single volume or as the 3-in-one collection along with How Green Was My Curate and Goodbye Curate.

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