Tuesday 6 July 2010

The Seventh Level - Jody Feldman

The Seventh Level
Jody Feldman
Green Willow Books an imprint of

Harper Collins
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ISBN 9780061951053

Travis Raines always seems to be getting in trouble. But as his principal keeps saying: 'Things are not always as they appear'. Travis wants to join the Legend, a secret group at his middle school that plans events and surprises for the students. He has started getting blue envelopes giving him directions, tests and trials that will get him into this group. But he is receiving two different types of envelopes - bright shiny ones and plain ones. One set seems to keep getting him in trouble. He is not supposed to tell
anybody about the envelopes. As his life gets more and more complicated trying to follow the instructions in the letters, he must learn who to trust, even if it is someone he least expected.

Well-written, this book has a fast pace, and as the excitement builds, you cannot put the book down. Travis is a great lead character. He will either remind you of yourself or someone you know. The details focus on life in and around middle school.

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