Saturday 24 July 2010

salamander dream - Hope Larson

salamander dream
Hope Larson
Ad House Books
ISBN 0972179496

This story, the first solo project by Hope Larson, is the tale of a young girl's journey within a magical forest and her friendship with a salamander there, told in a series of encounters at different points in the girl's life. At each stage of her life, as she changes, so does her relationship with the Salamander. It is a wonderful coming of age story, illustrated in just black and green; the artwork is amazing and you can go pages without dialogue or text but still be told much. This minimalist approach adds much to the story. It is a coming of age story done in a wonderful and unique way.

Books by Hope Larson:
Salamander Dream (2005)
Gray Horses (2006)
Chiggers (2008)
Mercury (2010)

Geektastic (Illustrator 2009)

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