Sunday 18 July 2010

Grandma's Gloves - Cecil Castellucci and Julia Denos

Grandma's Gloves
Cecil Castellucci (Author)
Julia Denos (Illustrator
Candlewick Press
ISBN 9780763631680

I admit I am a big fan of Cecil Castellucci's writings. I have read all of her novels and some of her short stories this year, and there is not one that I did not enjoy. Yet in this new picture book, there is a power to touch the reader's heart in a very deep and profound way. The first time I read this book it moved me to tears. It stirred memories of my own grandmothers who have been gone for many years. In this story a young girl loves spending time with her grandmother, and usually ends up in her garden, "talking to roses, scolding the succulents and laughing with the birds-of-paradise." But then grandma gets sick, and is in a home. Her grandmother starts thinking that the girl is one of her school friends from long ago. When grandma passes they have to clean out the house, and she wants grandma's gloves for her mother. This is a wonderful story. I have read it to my children a few times, and they talk about helping nana with her flowers. This book will be great for children of all ages, and especially those dealing with grandparents with illness or who have passed.

The artwork is incredible; it looks like a mix of water colors, pen and ink, and pencil. The tenderness between child and adult displayed with both words and pictures is enthralling. This will be a book we will treasure together for years to come and so will you.

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