Sunday 11 July 2010

In The Time Of Noah - The Old Stories - N.D. Wilson and Peter Bentley

In The Time Of Noah
The Old Stories
N.D. Wilson - blog (Author)

Peter Bentley (Illustrated)
Canon Press
ISBN 9781591280453

N.D. Wilson does an amazing job of retelling bible stories in this series and in this book particularly. They read easily and read out loud well. Combined with the illustrations by Peter Bentley, the book is pleasant to the ears and the eyes. The first night I read this series to my daughter, she asked for them over and over again. My daughter loves the books and the illustrations. The water color illustrations are wonderfully done. This book is the retelling of the story of Noah's Ark by N.D. Wilson and he does it masterfully. A second book in the series The Dragon And The Garden, was released, a third called The Sword of Abram is mentioned on the back of the books but I have been unable to track it down.

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