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The Emperor's Code - 39 Clues Book 8 - Gordon Korman

The Emperor's Code
The 39 Clues - Book 8

Gordon Korman


ISBN 9780545060486

Gordon Korman does an amazing job on this 8th book in this unique, creative series. The Cahills, Amy and Dan, start in China and the book ends with them heading off to the Caribbean in search of pirates. The main historical figures featured in this volume are the last emperor of China, Puyi, and a British climber named George Mallory. But they also travel back and forth across China and encounter different aspects of Chinese history. Dan and Amy finally think they find out what clan of the Cahill family they belong to. They have a fight and get separated in Tiananmen Square. Some of the family seems to be helping them and some they still mistrust.
This is the first series I have read that was written in such a way - 7 authors in 10 books in under 2 years. The individual books are good but collectively they are great. If you combine the books with the online games and clue hunt, you have an amazing experience for children of all ages. I started reading these books because the concept was so unique and interesting. I keep reading them because they are so well written. The gift and skill of the authors contributing to this series amazes me, each picking up from the previous book and continuing the series while keeping true to the characters and the overall story arc. This series is truly wonderful.

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