Tuesday 1 June 2010

Yazmeenka Goes Electric - Teresa Henryka Panjer

Yazmeenka Goes Electric
Teresa Henryka Panjer (Author)

Erin Panjer (Illustrator)

Mirror Publishing
ISBN 9781936046379

I have read over 80 books the first 4 months this year, and average over 150 a year. I seldom write negative reviews; if I am really not enjoying something I usually discard it and move on. The author has contacted me indicating they really want a review. First it took me 4 attempts to get through a 27 page book that has pictures on every facing page, so 12 pages of text. It looks and feels more like a leveled reader than many publishers put out. For the type of book it appears to be, it is way too wordy. These books are not supposed to be crammed full of text from top to bottom of page. The illustrations are bland and lackluster and, if anything, overcrowded. The story was a good idea - it was just overall poor execution. I would have to say it is the worst book I have read in years.

(As an aside to authors and marketing types out there: Do not contact reviewers and ask for a review or a book or product and offer to send a review copy. Then when you send the review copy include a letter that states: "Also, let me know the details as to method of payment, or a donation etc. Whatever you like. When and how I may expect the review, and if you enter your book reviews with online bookstores." If you want me to buy your book to review send me info on the book and where to buy. Also, the others questions are information you should have before you send out the review copy.)


Anonymous said...

Your review of of this book is obviously not a fair one. Whatever your issue is, always be sure to review with integrity, and in a manner that others can interpret what you are saying as fair and just. It doesn't matter how many reviews you have done in the past, or how seldom you have been negative. Some of the best reviewers will have a balance of negative and positive comments, but always with a reference to specific points in the story. However, your review of this story fails to meet the mid point of any fair review. It was obviously something you needed to get off your chest.
Perhaps better communication on your part would have made all the difference. If you do not charge a fee, simply be upfront and let the public know. It isn't uncommon for people to ask questions. Simply state your cause, and others will respect that.

Steven R. McEvoy said...

Thanks for your feedback again Teresa.

Erin Panjer said...

Wow, this is a little pathetic. I just stumbled upon this while looking for a review of my illustrations for financial reasons.
I read the review you sent my mom, it was more than fair.There should have been many changes and improvements made to the book before it was published, which was approved before I had say as the illustrator.
Hey, I appreciate your honesty!
Most of my illustrations did suck,
didn't get colour harmony down until the end of the book.
I apologize for whatever level of bullshit this indicates you had to put up with. I agree with you 100% that good reviews must be earned, not bought.


Anonymous said...

Fair comments about a piece of writing would include evidence that the reviewer actually read the book.

Anonymous said...

Hello Steven,
I must acknowledge that I didn't know about the book reviewer fanatics until recently. I was happy to have come across a blog titled, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. I read something I needed to read before. Thank heavens there is a book fanatic reviewer out there that has the good sense to write her own Review Copy Policy. This way she is certain new authors and everyone else will fully understand her. For viewing Critiana Clericis and Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, make sure you click on 3- Review Copy Policy on the side panel.
Yazmeenka Goes Electric is my first published book. My next book, When the Reindeer Fly, will be released this fall.