Monday 31 May 2010

An Alien At St. Wilfred's - Adrian Plass

An Alien At St. Wilfred's
Adrian Plass
Harper Collins
ISBN 9780006276197

This is my favorite Adrian Plass. There is less direct humor, and more serious reflection than other stories. It is the story of David Persimmon, a clergyman in The Church of England. He is a sad pastor. An alien appears to him in the church. He is
small, white and speaks in perfect Book of Prayer English. The Alien says he has come to visit and learn for a while. He has chosen the name Nunc Dumuttus. The alien believes he is where he is supposed to be and that he is to meet with David and some of his friends. The story is moving and touching as the Alien opens up each person to their own inner hurt and teaches them how to be healed and in part how to learn to heal others.

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