Saturday 1 May 2010

Trackers #1 - Patrick Carman

Trackers #1
Patrick Carman
ISBN 9780545165006

Patrick Carman has created another masterpiece. This story, much like Skeleton Creek, is told in two parts: first the books and then videos to supplement the story. Who or what are the trackers? They are a group of friends who have cutting-edge technology and really want 'to do good'. They desire to use their skills and technology to discover truths and bring them to the light.

The Trackers are: Adam, he's the brains behind the crew, the one who creates all the gadgets that start to get them into trouble; Lewis, the cautious one, who has computer skills, but also is the one to always worry; Emily - great skill with remote controls and nerves of steel. And finally Finn - he is the athlete, skateboarder, and always pushes the limits, but he is also the one who helps to take the edge off.

The team has spent their time building tools to use for surveillance and investigation. But something has gone horribly wrong. And now Adam is telling his story to the authorities. The website with the videos is excellent and the videos are incredibly well done. I have read the book twice - the first time with just reading the transcripts of the videos at the back of the book, and the second time watching the videos. It does work without the online videos but they do add to the story.

Adam was captured by someone posing as the Glyph Master who drew him to a website with puzzles from a secret language he helped create. He was drawn in, and by the time he realized he was in trouble it was too late.

This book is great and looks like it will be the beginning of an excellent series.

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Trackers #1

Thirteen Days to Midnight

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