Thursday 6 May 2010

The PLAIN Janes - Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg

The P.L.A.I.N. Janes
Cecil Castellucci (Author)
Jim Rugg (Illustrator)

Minx a abandoned division of
DC Comics

ISBN 9781401211158

To start off, I do not read a lot of graphic novels. I haven't collected comics in over 20 years. The few graphic novels I have read in the last 5 years, I have either been asked to review, or liked the author's other works and gave them a try. With this one I was very hesitant; it was about a group of girls in high school, and yet I loved it. I enjoyed it so much I read it twice back to back and cannot wait to read the sequel Janes in Love.

The story is set shortly after 9/11 and features a girl, Jane, who was near one of the blasts. Her whole life is turned upside down. He parents move her to a small town. Her mother is not getting better from the shock of 9/11; she is getting more frightened, and protective and a little paranoid. Jane was popular and in the 'in crowd' at her old school in the city. Here she decided to make conscious changes; she joins the outcast, a group of Plain Janes, who are:
Jane - DramaticJane
Jayne - BrainJayne
Polly Jane - SportyJane
Jane - MainJane
Together they form a group called P.L.A.I.N. - People Loving Arts in neighborhoods. They perform some random acts to make people think and appreciate the world around them and the beauty we can see every day but not notice.

The story is great. It has a message every high school student and maybe every adult could learn from. It is incredibly well written and Jim Rugg did an amazing job illustrating the story. I have a feeling this will become one of those books I read annually because there will be more I can get from it each time I read it.

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Music By Cecil Castellucci
Twist Her - Nerdy Girl (1996)
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