Wednesday 12 May 2010

Fred Secombe - Author Profile

Fred Secombe:

About a decade ago I was introduced to two UK authors whose main weapon was looking at life, and life in the church through humorous eyes. They were Adrian Plass and Fred Secombe. I instantly fell in love with their humour and writings. I have read about a third of Plass' books and almost all of Sacombe's. Over the next few months I plan on re-reading some of my favourites from each but thought I would post an author profile first.

Fred Secombe, ordained as Rev. Frederick Thomas Secombe, was born 31st of December 1918 in Swansea, Wales, UK. He is the older brother of Sir Harry Donald Secombe. Fred was ordained first as a deacon and then later as a priest in The Church in Wales. He first served as an assistant curate in South Wales, later as a Vicar. Then he moved to Hanwell, as a Rector in West London. He was later appointed Prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral, London. He is the author of several humorous books based on his experiences as a newly ordained priest in South Wales. These books follow his progress in the ministry and in life. They are set immediately following The Second World War. They will make you laugh out loud.

Books by Fred Secombe:
How Green was my Curate
A Curate for all Seasons
Goodbye Curate
Hello Vicar!
A Comedy of Clerical Errors
The Crowning Glory
Pastures New
The Changing Scenes of Life
Mr. Rural Dean
Two Vandals and a Wedding

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Query said...

I love this series so much! I have the whole set, and really enjoy stepping back into a time that seems devoid of todays complications. Thank you for the review :-)