Tuesday 15 July 2008

More Catholic Resources On The Web

Greetings again, it is once again time for me to share with you some of the resources I find very useful on the web. This time my focus is specifically Catholic resources, those sites that I find have a great resources or tools or function that makes them exceptional.

The first time I reviewed 4 resources, 2 Author sites, and 2 resources sites.

Next I am focused on Catholic Resources on the Web some sites that for the most part I have discovered in the 2006. I looked at a number of
sites ranging from the first three are collection sites - that is they collect and compile links and resources for you in one convenient place. To the last 3 which are author sites.

Then early in 2007 I looked at some Catholic Publishing Companies and profiled them.

This time I want to fo
cus on some sites for Catholic writers and for bibliophiles like myself. Two of these I only found reciently, one thanks to Regina Doman only this week.

The Catholic Writers Guild

Though I only found this site a few daya ago, it looks like a great place for writers and people who have an intereste in books, publishing and media from a distinctly Catholic Perspective. I have not decided if I will join or not, but it is very tempting. Regina Doman wrote about this site which is how I dound out about it. (Regina is the author of some awesome books. I am only done one and part way into a second but I can not recommend them enough.

The Catholic Writers Lounge

This site I found out about from Eric Scheske on his blog The Daily Eudemon I have not stopped back nearly iften enough. The few times I have stopped by there always seems to be grea
t stuff to see. (If you have not checked out Eric's blog do so, it is great!)

The Catholic Carnival

Jay at Living Catholicism coordinates the Catholic Carnival, and it gets moved around the blogsphere by volunteer's who choose to host it from time to time. It is a great place to link up your own blog posts and writing. It is also a great place to see the plethora of opinions and views within the the Catholic blogsphere. Every week there are submissions from various blogs. Each week there are at least a few gems.

So check out these sites and happy surfing.

Peace and Strength!
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