Monday 14 July 2008

Literary Species - Book Blogger

Check out this picture here. Author Laurie Halse Anderson on her blog Mad Woman in the Forest Posted a link to this picture asking if it was "True? Snarky? Where do you fit in the spectrum?" My response was:

I kind of fall off stage, I started reviewing books for publishers when I worked for the largest book store chain in Canada. Then I thought I am already reading the arc's why not publish the reviews in my university paper After that some friends who did not have access to the paper wanted to see my reviews, so I started a blog as an archive of published and un-opted reviews. The content has grown and changed over the last 3 years at I mostly only review books I like, I usually do not finish books I am not enjoying. For a while one of the book columns I write for was published a s Love It/Hate It and ran two side by side. So I did finish some I did not enjoy or that hand endings I really did not like.

Hoever I do change my writing style considerably depending on the publication I am trying to publish the review in. I often even change it for different sections of the same paper. If I am reviewing for arts I take one style, if for science and technology or health and lifestyles I take a very different tone.

So my question to you other book reviews out there what do you think?

The picture comes from Finding Wonderland: The WritingYA Weblog used with permission.

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