Tuesday 1 July 2008

Beyond the Valley of Thorns by Patrick Carman

Beyond the Valley of Thorns
The Land of Elyon Book 2
Patrick Carman
ISBN 0439700949

This is book two in the Land of Elyon trilogy and the third book by Carman I have read set in Elyon. Carman creates an amazing, believable, alternate world. As I read more and more of Carman's writing the more I enjoy and appreciate his skills. Elyon is the Semetic for God or Most High. It has been used in fiction by Ted Dekker as a name for God allegorically, and for Carman it is the name of the world or land. As I progress through his books, the more similar I see that his writings are to Lewis's Narnia. As such, these are great stories for the whole family.

This book takes place a year after The Dark Hills Divide. A year ago beloved leader Thomas Warvold passed away, the plan to capture Bridewell have been foiled and the walls connecting the towns of Bridewell, Ainsworth, Lathbury and Turlock have come down. Now a year later it appears Warvold had plans for Alexa Daley, and others. Alexa is delivered a letter and told she has a mission to perform and she cannot tell anyone she is leaving. She must leave another letter prepared for her father and be on her way to yet another adventure.

Alexa joins forces again with Yipes the dwarf, Odessa the wolf, Squire the Hawk and Murphy the squirrel. They have been entrusted into the hands and guidance of John Christopher a former convict, who will guide them through the wild, and along the way they join forces with a Giant named Armon. They are charged with the task of sneaking into a well-guarded land, freeing a captive and overthrowing the Grindall.

However, whenever great tasks are attempted, a price must be paid, and in this adventure the price will be very high. You must join Alexa and the team that has been gathered around her as she travels across the land of Elyon to fulfill the request of her beloved Warvold. But many challenges and surprises are in store for our small band of adventurers.

Just a forewarning though - this book ends with a cliff-hanger, or should I say, we at the bottom of the cliff salivating for the next book!

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