Sunday 9 July 2006

Walking With God by: Kilian J. Healy

Walking With God:
The Exercise of the Presence of God
Kilian J. Healy
ISBN 9715540244

From the back of the book we are told: “We often hear and read about the Christian Way of Life. For some people this is a vague and intangible expression. In reality, it means precisely a life of common interest with God, a life in which this love of God dominates all our thoughts, words and actions. The Greater the love, the more Christian the life.
Whatever we eat, drink, say, write or do, it should come from our soul living in conscious union and silent conversation with God. It is this union with God that colors our whole life and makes it Christian.”

Kilian, who has taught theology and philosophy, and is a voting member of the Second Vatican Council, and a Carmelite priest, brings his vast experience to bear on this topic of conversing with God. Much like Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God, it will help one learn how to experience God in all the details of life.

The Chapters are:
  1. Servants or Friends of God?
  2. Friendship With God
  3. The Exercise of the Presence f God
  4. The First Way: Searching for God Through Creatures
  5. The Second Way: Listening to God
  6. The Third Way: Living With Christ
  7. The Fourth Way: Offering Ourselves With Christ
  8. The Fifth Way: Finding God Within Us
  9. Prayer of Aspirations
  10. Conclusion
Then it has a collection of Aspiration prayers that have been used down through the ages.

This book is about going deeper than the Jesus Prayer. It is about deep intimacy and communion with God. It is a guide in how to grow in your friendship with God.

At less than 90 pages, it is a treasure that will lead you to a deeper life with God.

(Note this book has been slightly expanded and republished as Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God by Sophia Press.)

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