Sunday 2 July 2006

Body for Life 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strenght by: Bill Phillips

Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength
Bill Phillips
Harper Collins - Browse Inside
ISBN: 060193395

This book and program are both great. I used it back a few years ago and went from a 42-inch waist to 34 in 13 weeks; from 29% body fat to 13%. It is not easy and requires much discipline. But this book gives you the tools you need to make it happen. It also requires a lifestyle change for you. If you drift off from the program, it is easy to slide backwards from the progress you have made.

This book will help you change your mindset. You will examine patterns, give yourself rewards, and see the changes take place. Phillips states: "It's Very Important to understand the difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are things we wish for--things you enjoy thinking about but don't really know when they'll happen. Goals, on the other hand, are specific things you have decided you need to accomplish within a clearly defined period of time." p.27 This book will help you make that leap from dreams to goals and from goals to results.

One of the greatest strengths of the book is the section that outlines the exercises for each body part. Not only do they include pictures of the different exercises and movements, they also have a tip box of the most common errors, and how to avoid them. The book is also peppered with testimonies of people who have done the program with their before and after pictures.

Phillips states: “Your body is the epicenter of your universe. You go nowhere without it. It is truly the temple of your mind and your soul” p.2 This program will help you find a level of health that you may have given up on. One of the former champions of the challenge says: “Beyond information, I was being taught a frame of mind, which inspired me more than all the preachers, teachers, doctors, and counselors who had tried to get through to me before.” p.9 (in reflection on this program and his recovery from a bullet wound from his youth.)

This book will help you change the patterns in your life. “Remember that everything you do in the real world is merely an external manifestation of what has already happened in your mind.” p. 29 This book has a balanced approach- you balance exercise with nutrition, you balance carbs with protein in each meal, and you balance cardio with strength training. Page 83 has an Eating-for-Life Authorized food guide. It lists the Proteins, Carbohydrates and Vegetables that are recommended and lists them in the order if quality for this program.

There is a world of difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. This book will definitely give you the knowledge, and challenge you to put it into practice. “Remember that everything you do in the real world is merely an external manifestation of what has already happened in your mind.” p.29

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